Entering the Competition

How to Enter

  1. Create an account

    1. After entering your email address, proceed to the account registration page.
    2. The confirmation message will be sent to the address provided on the form. Click the link in the message so that you can reach the entry form.
    3. When completing the Account Registration form, please provide all information requested.
  2. Registering artist and work details

    1. Log in to the entry site and go to My Page.
    2. Click on "register a new work."
    3. After registering Artist and Work Details, your application is complete.


Are there any conditions of entry?
Entries must meet the following three requirements.
  • The work submitted must be an original digital artwork created by the applicant.
  • The submitted work must meet the rules and requirements of the ADAA.
  • The entry must be submitted through the official ADAA home page.
Are there any entry fees?
There is no entry fee, but all costs for application and exhibition, such as transportation, insurance, and special equipment or programs required for exhibition should be borne by the entrant.
Can groups participate?
You may submit group work as an individual entry by a representative member. You may register other group members and organizations in the entry when registering work details.
How many entries can be submitted per person?
There is no limit to the number of pieces that may be submitted by one applicant. The applicant must complete multiple entries to submit each work. Remind that the single applicant account needs registering.
May I submit my work by mail?
The works sent by mail will NOT be acceptable Submit your entry via the website.
Will the submitted works be returned?
We will not return the submitted work. ADAA FUKUOKA will keep them at our Executive Committee Office.
The requirements of the applications says "The works for entries should be completed or be presented between 25th Oct 2022 and 13th Sep 2023. " Won't I be able to submit the work which has been completed before 24th Oct 2022?
"If the work which had been completed before 24th Oct 2022 but was renewed, renovated or exhibited as a new work between 25th Oct 2022 and 13th Sep 2023, it is acceptable.The incompleted or prototyped works won't be accepted.
I've already made an account when applying in the past. Is this account valid for 2023 as well?
No. Please make sure to make a new account for application of 2023.